Unlock Your Secret Code Written Inside Your Name

Ancients believed that the spirit world influenced your parents in giving you your name and that everything is coded inside your name. They believed that all mysteries in the universe could be derived from names. They used their own techniques for finding anagrams and other Hidden Meanings. They believed that a person’s past and future could be derived from anagrams or words of their name.  


This great Kabala tradition of astrological interpretations of the divine nature of letters was known as «God’s Code». The use of God’s Code by the Knights Templars was secret as it was powerful. Notariqon and Temurah were mystical divinations based on letters that are engraved on the numerous templar rings even nowadays. Both of these methods involved changing around the letters in names and phrases in order to arrive at hidden meanings, names of deity and other foretelling words and phrases.  


Similar methods of mystical divinations like the «Taro cards» are believed to be a means for the 4th dimension (spirit world) to cause the cards to be in a particular order to give messages to the person the cards are being read for. The Taro cards have links with Egypt & Egyptian gods like Isis. Astrology, clairvoyance and psychic readings have always interested in mankind.


Spiritual knowledge or «craft» has been handed down from generation to generation to a select number of membership groups and then only giving this knowledge to the chosen few. Now anyone can know the secrets of their «God’s Code» in their name.


The Knights Templar believed that by knowing the future you can avoid unpleasant events from happening. The future is a road that can be bypassed. Whilst a few Knights Templars were captured including Jacques de Molay, [it is possible that Jacques de Molay was aware of his arrest and fate], most Knights Templars escaped with the money ships & treasures. And the secret code in your name can be unlocked, you can learn your past and future up to an amazing 95% accuracy.