TREND 2018 | LED Lights into the Diamond Watches

The world has always been receptive to innovations and due to multiple interesting discoveries, we have literally whatever we want, starting from diverse unusual accessories offered at, smartwatches up to self-driving cars, virtual reality etc. Not only multifunctional devices are popular. People adore almost everything that brings them joy including different neatly made accessories, for instance. So there are even diamond watches designed with LED lights and we’re going to have a closer look at this marvelous combination.

Brief History of Light Emitting Diode Invention Process

Commonly abbreviated as “LED” it was first developed in 1907 by British inventor H.J Round who was working at the Marconi Labs. Though it was developed there was no visible use for it at that time and was kept in a state of temporary disuse. And only

two decades later, in 1927 Russian inventor Oleg Losev improved on that invention significantly. The results of the work were shared with Russian, German and British scientific magazines for wide acknowledgment and further progress. Still, the efforts did not meet expectations as neither the government nor some private entities were interested in it. They found no commercial value in the research and did not see anything exciting in it at all.  So the project was in abeyance again.

It must be noted that the first commercial use for LED was developed around 1968 but it was found to be very costly to bring into the market. It seemed to have no chances to become a mass produced item.

Today LED has undergone an unprecedented transformation from a technology that nobody cared for, to be one of the most sought-after technologies all over the globe. There is almost no place on our planet where you would not find a product without an LED influence and this concerns even watches we’re concentrating on in this article.

Wrist Watches Popularity

Without any saying, time is of the utmost importance to everybody. And a watch is definitely one of the best assistants helping us to manage everything correctly. But it’s well-known today that wristwatch is a more fashion detail completing our look being the stunning accent. We can find the accessory of any dimensions, materials colors, styles etc., as the market potential for automatic or self-winding wristwatches is increasing constantly.

How These Two Incompatible at First Sight Inventions Can Be an Ensemble?

You should agree that all of us would be delighted to wear stylish diamond watches on our wrists to complement the attire we choose to adorn and outstand ourselves. And diamond watches were not gradually losing its luster among many other pieces of jewelry. But this innovation turned out to be a fresh breath of air we needed. This year neon colors dominate in the fashion world and it may be the reason for the high demand of LED lights into the diamond watches. They are fast becoming a craze not only among the young people. It’s a universal accessory which attracts attention. The main peculiarity lies in giving the traditional diamond watches an entirely different perspective.

The interesting fact must be included, earlier those who loved to wear diamond watches found that there was a little confusion when it went about the diamonds that adorned a particular watch. There were original diamonds of the expensive kind and the spurious ones which had just a nominal value. A layman looking at any would be hard pressed to differentiate between the two unless they were subjected to a carbon dating test which could have differentiated one from another.

Recently, diamond led lights appeared. Frankly speaking, it brings some solace to those who own and wear the real diamond watches. They can have a sigh of relief because the real carbon-based diamonds they possess never would flash so bright and full gamma of colors.

Surely, it’s very easy to see the difference but tastes vary, in addition, often buyers really like such an affordable model of luxurious accessory. Whatever the case may be the led lights diamond watches can bring a so-called sense of euphoria and people are choosing them to be conspicuous and trendy.