The Advantages of LED Lighting For Sports Stadiums

If you are a sportsman or a person who is interested in everything concerning sport, (not only sport shops, as active ride shop, which specialized in selling sport products), but also in advantages of LED lights and their importance for sports stadiums, then this article will be very useful for you to read.

LED lights are used for different purposes. Some people use them for decoration purpose on different occasions like birthday party, wedding ceremonies or reception parties. Some of them are also used for brightening purposes such as lights on streets and signals. LED lights are also very useful in the sports field as they make an amazing effect on the environment.

In past years, sports stadium often used metal halide lights to brighten up the surface but in these days, arenas are turning into LED lights that had already encroached from streetlights to Christmas lights.

When the San Francisco 49ers was interpreting different lightening prototypes for the biggest football stadium named Levi’s stadium in 2012, the LED lighting for sports was still an ambiguity for most of the teams. When the broadcast network boosted up to about the readiness of LED lighting for sport, then the team looked at some LED sports light prototype and decided to use them in stadium sports. It proved an amazing look of this lighting for sport and knocked out the tradition of metal halide lights for indoor sports lightening.

There are multiple advantages to LED use in stadium sports. Some of them are as follows:

1.  Take Less Time To Lighten Up

The delay in indoor sports court lightening can be affordable in some cases but in stadium sports, the time delay is not acceptable in any way. Most of the people only come to enjoy the views of the biggest football stadium or the stadium sports. In this scenario, if dark happens all around into the stadium, the audience will not get what they want. It will also become the cause of delay in the game.

Since LED sports light is free from such kind of issues, it is one of the biggest advantages as it takes a few seconds to lighten up.

2.  LED Sports Light Built For Broadcasting

The traditional sources of indoor sports lightening are built for pleasing a human eye. They do not support the broadcasting process.

As Casper said: “A camera does not see what a human eye sees”. The modern cameras pick up red, green and blue colors and mix them to give a digital TV result.

Such kind of lights will excellently work at indoor sports court lightening but it is not suitable for broadcasting. That’s why LED sports light is built that fully facilitates the broadcasting process and give the amazing game view to the audience at home. It also supports the slow-motion replays without any kind of distracting flashing that usually happens due to the flickering of traditional stadium sports light.

3.  Improving the Game

The traditional light sources were not only bad for fans but also became the cause of difficulty into the games. They became the cause of trouble for players by not providing enough amount of light that is required for better game performance.

It is another advantage of LED sports light that it is not only better for fans but also very useful and helpful for players. It improves the game performance by providing better visibility to the player.

The management of the first racetrack in the USA, named Weedsport Speedway organizes races under the lightening of LED sports light that enables the driver to enjoy the uniform lightening and reduce the glare of the LED sports light. The advanced lensing technology and definite pole and device adjustment ensure drivers to have the best optimal visibility of racetrack that makes the game more exciting and enjoyable.

In baseball diamond or hockey rink, the systematic placement of this kind of sports light helps the player to observe the speed of baseball or hockey punk properly.

4.  Sophisticated Controls

The biggest football stadium or any other stadium lightening requires a sophisticated control system and high-speed communication that may cause a lot of operating cost. The traditional lightening systems are not capable to provide such mature control or communication system.

By coupling LED sports light technology with advanced controls to make this system exactly according to the need of a stadium light system. It increases the energy power to the level that the big stadium lightening system requires and it reduces the operating cost, which may create a financial issue by using any other technology.

It is very important to keep all the lights on when the ball is in play, but they don’t have to use the full energy of lights during warm-ups, timeout or cleanups. It provides the momentous financial saving by frequently flipping the switch to 50 percent of light energy when the audience leaves the stadium.

The LED sports light system provides many other user controls that make the game more exciting and enjoyable for both the audience and the players. The RGB color changing LED lightening technique creates an amazing environment in the stadium that is incredible to feel. Some of the controls are:

  • Saturate the field with colors of the home team uniform
  • Set up an amazing lightening show during the game or at halftime
  • Create color chasing LED lights activity on the stadium’s outdoor every time when the home team scores
  • Create in-game promotions and activations, like the Breast Cancer Awareness Week

5.  Energy Conservation

LED light system is a very less energy consuming technology as compared to other technologies. It provides lots of functionalities, more lightening and much more exciting controls in a very low consumption of energy. These factors make this system much more effective financially and functionally.


The use of LED sports lights in stadium sports is much popular these days. It is because of the above described outstanding advantages of this technology. No doubt, it is the best choice among all the outdoor or indoor sports lightening technologies.