Must-Have Teeth Whitening Lights for Getting a Hollywood Smile

Celebrities or ordinary people are interested in how to get a Hollywood smile. That cannot be achieved without doing anything. For having the most beautiful smile, there are many products that can prove to be effective. Unfortunately, over time, the color of the teeth becomes yellow, which do not provide an attractive look to the viewer. Aging, consumption of foods that discolor your teeth or does not take proper care can result in the yellowing of the teeth. However, if you want to have a Hollywood beautiful smile, then you should do some work on yourself and try to make your teeth look white and clean which leads to the smile that you wish for.

There are many at-home teeth whitening kits and devices that can be used in order to whiten the teeth. These at-home teeth whitening kits include tray-based teeth whiteners, at-home teeth whitening strips and teeth whitening LED lights. Teeth whitening LED lights are thought to be very impressive and compelling in removing the yellowing of the teeth. Most people often ask: «Do teeth whitening lights work?” or “How teeth whitening can make teeth too white?” The answer to the question is fairly stated below.

What are teeth whitening lights?

Earlier, teeth whitening light products used phenomena in which the teeth were treated with a bleach-based agent and then UV light was applied in order to speed up the reaction. The UV light worked as a catalyst, but after the researches, many studies stated that UV light can be harmful to the oral tissues of the mouth, and can result in various mouth diseases. Therefore, a safer alternative was acquired and teeth whitening LED lights were introduced. LED teeth whitening lights to use visible light to whiten the teeth.

Do teeth whitening lights work? It is a major issue for people who are looking for better and safer alternatives to at-home teeth whitening. LED teeth whitening lights have been proven very useful to whiten the teeth, the lights use that teeth whitening agent which is then passed through the LED light, which works as a catalyst to remove yellow part of the teeth. The agents usually consist of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, both these agents work as bleaching and whitening agent and help in removing tough stains and discoloration.

Top teeth whitening lights:

The at-home teeth whitening kits include a number of teeth whitening lights. Each has its own distinctive features. These teeth whitening lights are easily available and are described below.

AuraGlow teeth whitening kit:

The AuraGlow teeth whitening kit is one of the best teeth whitening lights. It promises to provide comfort and whiteness of the teeth without causing any negative effects. Its formula is specially designed to whiten the teeth without causing any pain or sensitivity, providing you with the perfect beautiful Hollywood smile.

AuraGlow teeth whitening light comes with a mouthpiece and a gel, which is infused in the syringe. The gel is gluten-free and contains 35% carbamide peroxide, which is enough for 20 treatments. These at-home teeth whitening kit not only whitens the teeth but also removes plaque and strengthens the enamels.

 Cali White teeth whitening kit:

Cali white teeth whitening light is another at-home teeth-whitening kit. It is easy to use and effectual in whitening the teeth. It comes with the tooth guard that is a one-size fit all designs and the gel, which is gluten-free, kosher, vegan and non-GMO.

The tooth guard can be easily worn on the teeth while watching TV or doing chores. The guard is filled with the gel and LED light is passed through it, which takes from 10 to 30 minutes to whiten the teeth.

Active Wow teeth whitening kit:

Active Wow whitening kit is a specially designed kit in order to provide premium results in whitening of the teeth. The kit has remineralization gel, which nourishes and protects the teeth. It also includes three trays, which can hold the gel, two gel syringes and LED light to catalyze the process. The trays are applied to your teeth and you have to mould it and wear on your teeth. The moulding step is important because you do not want to apply the gel all over the place.

Crest 3d White Whitestrips with light:

Crest 3d Whitestrips is relatively common and affordable whitening system. Crest also has a number of tooth care products. This Crest 3d White kit uses Whitestrips technology with the added benefit of the LED light. It uses the same whitening ingredient that the dentists use and the LED light speed up the whitening process removing the yellowing of the teeth. These handheld strips provide results just after one treatment.

Shine Whitening teeth whitening kit:

This teeth whitening light provides the best results for whitening and protecting the teeth. It comes with the pre-packaged remineralization gel syringes, and the tray, which has to be moulded on the teeth, but it does not provide extra trays, so if you made any mistake the whole kit will be useless. After moulding the trays on your teeth, the light is inserted in the mouth. This kit provides 6 treatments which is much lesser than other whitening lights.

Medical Home teeth whitening kit with light and power bank:

This is a complete LED tooth whitening light system, provided by Medical Home. It provides a money-back guarantee and comes with a power bank, which other lights kits do not have. The power bank is used to charge the LED light on the go, which makes it usable for a longer period of time. The LED light used in this system has unique wavelengths, which provide effective cleaning, other than that, this system uses desensitizing gel pens, which enable you to have the brightest and beautiful smile.


These whitening lights are a great way to achieve the desired whiteness of the teeth and to flaunt the prettiest smile ever.  These teeth whitening lights do work and without having any adverse effects.