Are Motorcycle Underglow LED Lights Legal or Not?

Many people consider buying a bike to be something like a real achievement as for the majority riding it is associated with adrenaline and need for speed. Nevertheless, there are additional factors that give the rider a feeling of satisfaction. The customization of the bike is meant here. It involves adding vivid features to the vehicle or modifying the particular parts as per the rider’s wish. Even though an automobile company manufactures bikes, customizing each of them gives the rider the illusion of building and enhancing the bike on his own. Among the enormous number of modifications that can be done and attract drivers’ attention are the underglow LED light. It is important to mention that over time, many people have started doubting the legality status of using such lights on bikes. Now it’s time to clarify the motorcycle neon lights legal status.

Not Outlawed?

There are multiple ways to customize a bike and majorly it is done as per the rider’s wish, still, there are certain restrictions. In many countries, the Government has put up a couple of regulations to comply with. These laws clearly define the type of lights that can be added on the bike, their color, the position of the lights on the bike etc. All these are determined under the motor vehicles codes or Lighting Requirements of state traffic laws. Not adhering to these rules will result in penalties for unlawful motorcycle alterations.  But not all LED lights are illegal to use. The status can be known by referring to the LED light laws across the states. In most cases, it is better to avoid using flashing LED lights. It is also not advisable to prefer red and dark blue LED lights as they are used by the police and the ambulance services. Nowadays the products we are talking about come in various colors. The statistics show that bikers all over the world like those LED lights that go super well with the color of their bike. But some states are too strict specifying the legal underglow colors and pointing out that it should be either yellow, white or amber. Usage of other color is not permitted at any rates.

Laws across the Various States

There are numerous rules in different states across the USA, for example. But none of these rules has banned the usage of LED lights on bikes. There are only certain restrictions. It means that you can enjoy placing the LED under glow lights on your vehicle but learn how to position them right. Doing this in an improper way can result in being ticketed by the traffic authorities. We have compiled the laws regarding the position of LED lights in various states. If your vehicle’s LED under glow lights complies with all these rules, then the LED lights on motorcycle legal status are assured. If it doesn’t comply, it is better to reposition the LED lights to prevent getting ticketed. Pay attention that the laws in most states ban usage of rotating lights. Flashing lights are strictly not allowed in any of the states as they tend to distract the riders in the opposite lane as well as the adjacent lane. Also, some states define that flashing lights should be used before making a turn or can be used as hazard lights and not for any other purposes. The light beams must not blind the vehicle drivers in the nearby lanes. And LED lights should never interfere with the front lamps and taillights. Some states even limit the intensity of these lights and if your bike’s LED lights do not exceed 3770 lumens, you do not defy the law.

Is it Worth Installing This Type of Lights?

Without any doubt, it is worth becoming an owner of a pair of really quality motorcycle LED lights. The market offers an immense diversity of options to purchase starting from pod lights, strip lights up to extremely durable motorcycle lights that can change color and are featured with multiple lighting effects. Using LED underglow lights can greatly enhance the trendy look of your vehicle. However, you should not just concentrate on the design, first of all, remember that these lights are aimed to provide the extra visibility you need. Choose the variant which won’t distract you while driving. The single color is a perfect choice. Secondly, it’s always wise to buy the waterproof model so it could serve you for years. And it’s very comfy if the chosen item is flexible, it will be much easier to install it.