Li-Fi: New Way of Transmitting Data via LED Modulation

Li-Fi is a wireless technology (optical networking) that utilizes LEDs to transmit data.

Li-Fi was specially designed to be utilized in a similar fashion as light bulbs that many offices and house use to save energy. Well, Li-Fi comprises a chip that regulates the light invisible to carry out the process of optical data transfer. The LED bulbs transmit Li-Fi data and the photoreceptors receive the data.

Advantages of Li-Fi

  • Higher speed as compared to Wi-Fi;
  • 10000 times the radio’s frequency spectrum;
  • Quite secure as it is not possible to obstruct the data without a straight path;
  • Removing the network interference of surroundings;
  • Not restricted due to radio interference;
  • No interference takes place in sensitive electronics, which makes it suitable for all types of environments like aircraft, hospitals etc.

By incorporating Li-Fi in almost all lights in your building, you can get an improved coverage area with the help of this technology as compared to the individual Wi-Fi router.

The experts from state that Li-Fi technology is your LED bulb act as a router to transmit LED data. The technology utilizes standard LED bulbs that you have in your house to aid data transmission. It gives you a perfect speed of almost 224 gigabits/second.

How does it Work?

If you think about Wi-Fi and Li-Fi, you may try to figure out the similarities as well as differences between them. Actually, both the technologies are similar because both works to transfer data using the electromagnetic method. The difference is that Wi-Fi runs on radio waves and Li-Fi uses light waves that are visible.

Li-Fi has a photodetector that helps to receive the signals from the light and elements required to process the signal that helps to transform the data into the other data, which can be streamed.

The data is stored in the LED bulb, which then sends the data at very high speeds to the photodetector.

The receiver converts the small changes that take place to make dim the LED bulbs at a faster rate into electrical signal. Now, the signal transforms back into a data stream that you see as an audio or video accessed on the Internet-based devices.

Remember, Li-Fi cannot travel across walls, thus if you want full connectivity, you need to install working LED bulbs in the entire house. On the other hand, the Li-Fi needs you to keep the light bulb ON to get connectivity, which means the lights need to be turned ON during daytime as well.

Li-Fi connectivity can lack if there is light bulbs lack. Buck using Li-Fi will take away all your security concerns, which are always the case with Wi-Fi.

Li-Fi is quite useful in areas where radio waves are not accessible. As Li-Fi offers amazingly high speeds, it can affect the Internet. Therefore, with incredible LED data transmission more devices can be connected.

The concept of connectivity is growing. Li-Fi is on its verge of discovering new data speed and bandwidth. It comprises ultraviolet and infrared communications. It is amazing to see that Li-Fi is utilizing light energy for a dual purpose that is to light up your space and to aid communication, isn’t it?

Li-Fi helps to regulate the data transmission, using the light intensity, so the whole process is invisible to a human eye. Li-Fi is capable of working outdoors as well as indoors, which means that its system is powerful and has infinite applications. Now, you can access data anywhere you find LED light. Li-Fi has taken the connectivity and data transmission to a next level. Li-Fi offers amazing connectivity even at places like industrial plants, hospitals etc. You can never imagine such a super fast speed.

All Li-Fi systems are systematically networked and every Li-Fi based light is assigned a specific IP address. You can use any public or private lighting, even street lamps as a Li-Fi hotspot for data transfer.

All another medium that we use for data transfer use radio frequency waves. Now with the introduction of Li-Fi, the entire concept has changed and you can use a LED bulb to connect to the Internet and carry out data transfer. So, it is the easiest and the simplest way to connect to the Internet, isn’t it? With the amazing speed, you will not have to wait for a long time to wait and watch the data transmission, going on for more than expected time. It will be easier for you to access the Internet through Li-Fi technology even when your Wi-Fi is down. Many setups are now shifting to the amazing technology that not only provides illumination but the high-speed Internet connectivity too.

It is similar to your Wi-Fi using, but you get enhanced performance in Li-Fi. It can completely transform your home and office set up, including the gadgets you use. Li-Fi is effective in thick walls buildings, as thick walls block the radio signals.

The best thing about Li-Fi is that you have not to worry about the security issues. Thus, you should not protect it with passwords to prevent hackers from hacking your data. All you need to do is to turn OFF light and you will turn off your access to the Li-Fi connection. You will not get this natural security level on any other network.


It can also use the sunlight to work outdoors. Today Li-Fi technologies have innumerable benefits and that is great!