LED Lighting on Cruise Ships

LED lights are currently being used for a large number of applications across the world. During the recent past, we saw some of the leading cruise ship operators, using LED lighting for their ships. The Royal Caribbean cruise line can be considered the perfect example, proving the above-mentioned fact. The obvious benefits that Royal Caribbean has received from its use of LED lights that have helped to boost the popularity of these applications.

LED lights are not meant to be used only on massive-scale cruise lines. If you have a small boat, you can use LED lights to light it up. The popularity of boat flood lights could convince you to go ahead with the application, without any doubts or second thoughts.

What benefits can you get from boat LED lights?

1. Enhanced Durability

Enhanced durability might be the main reason why people prefer to install LED lights on cruise ships and boats. You avoid the hassle and cost of replacing the lights of the boat or cruise ship on a regular basis. In such cases, you will not simply spend your money on lights purchase. You will also spend a lot on the labor costs associated with replacing the lights. However, when you opt for boat LED lights, you don’t have to worry about this. Marine LED lights usually have a lifetime of over 50,000 hours. Therefore, you can install them and forget them. You will be able to use them for a longer period of time, without any hassle or frustration.

2. Energy Efficiency

Marine LED light strips are 10 times more energy-efficient than incandescent lights. They are also twice as efficient as florescent lights. Therefore, you will experience a lot of benefits in the long run. With marine LED lights, you can significantly minimize your long-term operational expenses. You can use the money you save to provide better service to your guests. You will be able to reduce your service charges and make your cruise ship or boat more accessible to people in need.

3. Improved Safety

A marine LED light bar can enhance the safety of your cruise ship or boat. Vessels with LED lights are less prone to safety issues than are other available options. Therefore, you don’t need to think twice before installing LED lights in areas located a couple hundred feet above the deck. Marine LED lights can withstand the extreme conditions you will come across when you are cruising on the sea. In fact, boat LED lights have been designed to withstand the harsh elements of wind, sun, ocean, and rain, as well as power washing. They are ideal for outdoor applications; you cannot find a better solution to install on your boat.

4. No Need for Special Enclosures

When you are installing traditional lights on your cruise ship, you will have to install them in special enclosures. Otherwise, the lights will not function after a short period of time. When the lights are exposed to the harsh conditions of nature, they can easily be damaged. However, you don’t have to worry about such things if you are moving forward with LED lights. Such lights have been designed to withstand tough environmental conditions. This might be the main reason why you will see LED lights installed on, for example, an Amazon cruise ship.

5. Reduced Fuel Usage

Due to their energy efficiency, boat flood lights and deck lights can help you save fuel. When you install traditional lights, you will find out that a significant amount of fuel is wasted on lighting. However, with LED lights, you don’t have to spend a lot on fuel. Marine LED lights are very energy-efficient. Therefore, you can install fewer generators to power up the cruise ship or boat. If you have a small boat, this will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

6. Excellent Variety

Boat LED lights can be purchased in many colors. For this reason, people use them to decorate their boats as well as light them. Varied colors can create a unique, one-of-a-kind atmosphere. You can enhance the look and feel of the cruise ship or boat and provide a better experience for your guests. When you purchase a marine LED light bar, you must focus on the different color options. They come with convenient retrofit options for boats and cruise ships as well. Therefore, you will find it easy to enhance the appearance of your boat or cruise ship.


So, LED lights have lots of benefits and mentioned above is not the whole list of their advantages. Because of their energy-saving potential and long service life, Led lights is a great lighting solution that is highly important for the shipping industry.