How Long Do Outdoor LED Christmas Lights Last

When choosing the outdoor LED Christmas lights people always have some questions. These questions are completely understandable as Christmas lights are not cheap. Of course, their price cannot be compared in the price of a 3d hologram lamp, for instance, but this is still a rather expensive thing.

Why LED became so popular nowadays?

Probably it is because of a ton of hype articles. They are all about how great little LED lights are. Moreover, you may come across this information when you are browsing the web or walking through the retail stores. It offers you honest and practical answers to your questions. But who knows if these traders are really frank with you.

How Long Do LED Christmas Lights Last?

Everyone wants to choose seasonal decor lights which do not require regular replacement. That is why very often people believe in hyped-up topics and buy bulbs with the life span for around 4-6 years. It seems to be a great working period. But on the other hand, there is an alternative that could last for a longer period.

By the way, you can always come across interesting information about LED light. According to this information you can expect the LED Christmas lights to last for up to 20 years. The led Xmas lights are convenient, don’t you think? But do not hurry to trust advertisers. You can fall into the trap of unscrupulous marketers! Be sure, two decades life span it’s pure marketing hype!

In its’ turn, the LED bulb lasts a bit longer than the incandescent one. It keeps working for about 7-10 years since you switched it on for the first time.

Are the two decades durability a pure lie?

Actually, this information about on how long do Christmas lights last is rooted in truth. The LED lights diodes could really have a long life span. But the result may vary from your expectation. It is because of the fact that the manufacturers conducted experiments in laboratory conditions. In the protected environment the lights might burn bright for about 75,000 hours. But it is not how Christmas lights are really used.

What should you know about not to be deceived? What are the benefits of LED lights?

To begin with, be sure that LEDs do offer real advantages to its’owners. Almost everyone has heard of the benefits of LED Christmas lighting. Moreover, even the mix of misleading information doesn’t change the fact that LEDs really is the game changers for decorative Christmas lighting.

So, here are some facts on how long do LED lights last and why it is better to choose them. This real data research will help to convince even the most demanding buyer.

  •    LED bulbs use far less electricity than incandescents.
  •    LED lights provide brighter, sharper illumination than incandescents.
  •    LEDs deliver colors that are purer and richer than incandescents.
  •    LED Christmas lights do last longer than incandescents.

The Final Thoughts

No matter how many misleading information you may come across, the LED light is a good choice. It is because of the fact that LED lights don’t have filaments like incandescent bulbs. They won’t burn out as led Christmas lights do not get hot. And be sure that because of their longevity and durability, you won’t have to buy replacement bulbs or new light strings every year.