Does Blue LED Light Whiten Teeth?

Different procedures of teeth whitening have created an unprecedented wave of desire among many with some employing teeth whitening light to brighten up their smiles. A smile with a mouthful of whitened teeth is what many of those who undergo these procedures look forward to. But how does exactly blue LED light work? And how is it important for your oral care?

Blue LED Light

The most popular procedure is blue light teeth whitening. It can provide you with the desired effect of a great and white smile. Those, who undergo it would be satisfied with this procedure. It is this that has made this procedure very popular and has universal acceptance which creates the desired interest among many.

The procedure is quite simple and can help you to avoid a visit to your dentist as it could be done at home without much worry.  The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry claims that led teeth whitening is fast becoming the most popular as well as a much desired cosmetic dental solution for many. The procedure is accepted as being minimally invasive offering fantastic results, ensuring great smiles around.

The advantage with led light teeth whitening is that it could be the best home treatment for anyone desiring a great smile, however, whether it is the best could be a big question for some. We know that different individuals react differently to different cosmetic procedures and this can be the same while talking about teeth whitening light too.

Sensitive teeth could be one issue that could crop up in many who undergo teeth whitening led light procedures for which they could use good anti-sensitive toothpaste or mouth wash to rectify the problem. There are some thoughts that teeth whitening light could damage the teeth in the long term but such concerns have still not been proved to be universal. It is considered as an individual issue and not a concern in many others who have undergone blue light teeth whitening procedures.

The American Dental Association recognizes teeth whitening light, as a procedure that whitens teeth, and has listed two types as popular among many. One of the procedures is bleach based and removes stains deep inside and on the surface, whilst the other one uses non bleaching products. The latter uses a chemical based or physical catalyst which whitens the surface of the teeth to bring the same desired effects of a bright mouth full of whitened teeth.

The led teeth whitening procedure is bleach based and it uses home kits employing lower concentrations of bleaching substances, giving a set of whitened teeth than what your dentist could offer at the clinic. This home based treatment of led teeth whitening should be conducted over a period of many days if the desired effects are to be achieved.

The whole procedure would be effective through the many days with applicators, mouth trays, whitening agents and the inevitable blue light teeth whitening. The Open Dentistry Journal (ODJ) acknowledges the fact that teeth whitening light helps in ensuring the whitening of teeth. The use of LED light helps carbamide peroxide to act as a catalyst to convert into hydrogen peroxide, which is the bleaching agent that whitens the teeth.

There cannot be any adverse reactions as it does not use harsh chemical agents in the whitening process but still, it could have some reactions depending on individual health issues in some. The big question that many are really interested in is “do teeth whitening lights help?”  The answer is “Yes”, but if the procedure is conducted keeping to the accepted system that is advised. There have been many who have undergone led teeth whitening and shown fantastic results by showing off their whitened teeth.

Dental Health

Whatever procedures that one may follow, it is imperative to maintain a proper oral care if you want to have good teeth all through your life span. Dental health cannot be compromised. It is an important part of maintaining good overall health which should be given the prominence that it deserves.

Teeth whitening light could only brighten up your smile, but the bottom line is that you need to have a good set of teeth in your mouth if you are to flash it around.

To ensure any teeth whitening light procedure will bring the desired results, you should ensure that your teeth are healthy enough to go through it. If you have neglected the care of your teeth, then attempting any blue light teeth whitening procedure would be fruitless and useless.

Hence, it is advised by the American Dental Association that one should ensure good oral hygiene from a very young age because like most other vital organs in our body teeth once spoilt cannot be rejuvenated. Looking after the health of your teeth should be a primary concern of all. If you use proper brushing techniques and the right toothpaste, then your teeth will be kept healthy for any teeth whiting light procedures.

It would be advisable to try out any teeth whitening light procedure initially and then observe any adverse reactions for a specific period of time before you would embark on it on a regular basis. As was earlier mentioned, any led light teeth whitening procedure could affect individuals on a case to case basis. Keeping a track of the progress for some time and then following up would be in your better interests.


Many have undergone teeth whitening light procedures without any reactions at all. But some have had to contend with minor issues, hence being prudent would be advisable. We all like to have a mouth full of healthy teeth which would be white and flashy, but to do so we would need to take care of our healthy smile.