Customers’ Survey Showed They Have Changed All of Their Bulb Lamps into LEDs

With the advent of autumn and winter, the light day is constantly decreasing. Accordingly, it is necessary to turn on lighting more often in homes or offices, Sometimes there is a need to switch on a light even in the afternoon. This leads to additional expenses for the electricity bill. Therefore, many people have begun to use the possibility of saving electricity through the purchase of LEDs. More information is available at tellwinndixie.

What are the advantages of LEDs?

Many people have changed bulb lamps into LEDs and this is not strange. A household energy saving LED bulb is, according to many experts, the most efficient and best type of lighting lamps for today. Low energy consumption is one of the bigger pluses. This is, in essence, the main advantage that allows you to save electricity. Such a lamp needs 10 W to illuminate a room.

The lamp can serve you for a very long time. Most manufacturers of LEDs assess their work in 40,000-50,000 hours. If you use daily for 5 hours, then the service life will last more than 10 years. Moreover, they have a certain degree of protection from dust and moisture.

Unlike a traditional lamp, LEDs can have a variety of shapes. Therefore, when buying LED lamps it is worth paying attention to the overall dimensions. It is always indicated on the box. When choosing LED bulbs for specific ceiling lights, be sure to consider this option.

This lamp is ecologically safe. In the production of LED lamps do not use mercury and other harmful substances. It makes them environmentally safe.

What are cob LEDs?

High-power COB LEDs are solid-state semiconductor light sources with direct voltage from 12V to 39V. Depending on the nominal value, the luminous flux varies from 90 lm to 110 lm, and the power of dispersion varies from 3W to 30W. Powerful COB LEDs are available in two color options: warm white and cool white.

The distinguishing characteristics of the high-power COB LEDs are their durability (service life reaches 50,000 h), low energy consumption and the COB-technology a certain number of off-board LED crystals are mounted directly on the board.

The use of high-power COB LEDs is quite diverse from high-grade lighting devices to lighting aquariums and greenhouses. Thus, they are used as light-emitting sources in various decorative lighting devices such as street lighting, car lamps, LED track lights, outdoor advertising, interior, artificial pool lighting, aquariums, greenhouses and much more.

The connection of high-power COB LEDs is made taking into account polarity. The power of high-power LEDs is supplied through the limiting current regulator – power drivers or resistors. The resistor is connected to each chain of series-connected LEDs.

So as you can see LEDs have a lot of advantages. Of course, the price of this lamp is higher. But the quality fully justifies their value.