How Can LED Lights Affect Your Sleep?

Restless nights became a daily routine for many people. But did you ever think that lighting is one of the factors why this happens? Can it be that the perfect sleep on the Oliver Smith mattress is spoiled because of the LED lamp near your bed?

So, here we are to figure out what are the effects of LED lights on sleep. This article will ensure you are LED lights harmful or not.

How Could LED Light Affect Sleep And Our Body?

Every person has an internal clock that regulates body natural rhythms. It is a mechanism that keeps the body in harmony during the 24 hours per day. Means, our body know exactly when it is the time to wake up and when to go to sleep. Sometimes, you do not even need to look at your clock. You know what time is it.

But, it often happens that you switch off the light and create darkness in the room during the day. Or on the other hand, when you turn on the LED lights at night you trick your own body too. The mechanism inside could not understand what happens and how to deal with this. As a result, you do not want to sleep at night. And it may lead to insomnia soon.

What Kind Of Light Is The Most Harmful For Our Sleep?

It is proved that the most harmful between others is the blue LED lights for room. Why blue? The research shows that cold-toned light has a direct influence on our eyes. Warm-toned light is pleasant to our sight while cold light makes us feel awake. In some extent, this light does not give us the opportunity to relax and fall asleep.

So, do not allow the LED to control your sleep. Just try to avoid too bright light while preparing to sleep. It will provoke the melatonin production in your body and make you sleepy.

What Should We Do To Solve This Naughty Problem?

Some people advice to get rid of LED light at all. But there are others who say it won’t help. Naturally, you can make an effort not to bring these bulbs to your home. But what would you do with your favorite gadgets and smart devices?  Do LED lights keep you awake during your work with a computer or watching TV? For you to know, all of them have screens equipped with the harmful blue light.

Well, here are some pieces of advice from the LED light experts you need to know. How to use LED lights and sleep well at night is here!

  1. You need to limit the amount of artificial light an hour before you go to sleep;
  2.    Сhoose warmer color of the LED light bulbs;
  3.    Look for the blue light filter programs or applications for your devices.
  4. Buy special glasses with the yellow-tinted lenses for watching TV. By the way, it can limit the amount of blue light your eyes may receive during the day;
  5.    Limit the light sources that you have in your bedroom.