Are LED Light Bulbs Worth the Money?

One of the modern technologies that have taken control over the world, is LED technology. However, for some people there are still doubts about their potential. Do LED lights to save money? That is the very first question that arises when someone considers buying led lights. There are other questions such as “how much money can I save?” Are led bulbs worth it? You can create the answers to those questions after reading this article.

What Does LED Mean and What Do They Do?

LED means light emitting diodes. This is a solid device that creates light because it converts directly energy into light. Other technologies for creating light such as an incandescent light bulb, create light by passing a fine resistance to electric charge. That is the first type of bulb that existed through history and we all know that those types of bulbs create too much heat as a result of the passage of energy. That’s why too much energy on those devices is wasted in the form of heat. As a contrast, led technology converts almost everything into light. That’s why they are so effective. LED converts energy only into the visible spectrum that is why it doesn’t spend energy into other forms of non-visible light. For example, incandescent light bulbs convert much of their energy into infrared, light bulbs that contain gases convert much of their energy into an ultra violet spectrum. We don’t use all those light bulbs to covert energy into those spectrums, because we don’t need them, we just want to use light that is between the visible spectrums.

Is It Cost-Effective?

LED light bulbs are more expensive than other types of bulbs because they contain a higher technology, which costs more to create one LED bulb than the other ones. We have already talked about its effectiveness. However, if we consider that these bulbs cost more than others, we’ll be interested as well as want to ask “is it costly effective to invest in them?” The answer is “yes!” That’s why most companies are opting for select LED bulbs. Today’s economy has become somehow difficult to manage. We have an economic crisis very often, as a result of increased energy prices. But with this technology, we can save a lot of energy at big quantitates and at a big scale. Because companies need illumination throughout the day, they need to invest highly on LED, in one month they can recover all of the investment that they paid for getting LED technology.

Help the Environment, Think Green

This is one of its better advantages. We are still using contaminating ways for creating energy worldwide. There are few exceptions of countries that are opting for ecologic sources of energy. However, there are still more abundant non-green technologies such as fuel oil to create our energy, that’s why technologies that are efficient with energy usage are highly ecologist. LED technology can do that because of its effectiveness in converting energy into light. You don’t need to possess a big company to invest in LED technology. You can change all the other types of light bulbs in your house to LED light bulbs to create the same effect at a small scale. Remember that every step count.

Less Replacement over the Years

Another great advantage of LED technology is that it’s half-life and its complete life is longer than any other light bulb technology that exists. That means that one bulb can be used for a longer period of time without replacing it. It means that if you invest largely on LED technology, you won’t need to replace them very often. That increases its value and due to that special feature of LED bulbs, you can save a lot of money. Their life is at least 10 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. Even though incandescent light bulbs are extremely cheap, their replacement at a long scale results more expensive than investing once in LED technology.

Less Heating Problems

This is another advantage of the LED light bulb. We have talked about it early in the article. The LED technology converts less energy into heat. That can be a great advantage if you think of air conditioners in a company. By increasing less the temperature of a room, the energy needed for air conditioners lowers, and, therefore, it is less expensive to cool down a room to a nice temperature. That way you start using less energy at another level. Therefore, LED technology not only needs less energy for converting light, but it also lowers the energy needed for an air conditioner and that creates a synergy effect that at the end, is way less expensive to invest in LED technology for a long period of time.


LED light bulbs technology is still something expensive if you think of it as a big scale in a factory for example. However, as people start to use it more frequently, it has decreased its cost over time. And if you think about all the advantages it brings, then you will start to understand why this is a must for most companies.